09 December, 2009

December 5 JYC

Todays journaling is all about the 25 best things I love about The Christmas.
1. snow 2. hanging out with family and friends Christmas Eve and Chritmas Day 3. Decorating the house 4. Christmas baking with family 5. Shopping, buying that perfect gift for each person on my list 6. Opening presents Christmas Eve 7. Christmas movies 8. Dads Home 9. Did I already say Snow? 10. Christmas music 11. Building a snowman 12. Watching the snow fall while drinking hot chocolate 13. Candycanes 14. Santa Clause 15. Decorating the Christmas Tree 16. Cranberry Bliss bars from Starbucks 17. Pepermint Mochas 18 Hot chocolate with a candycane melting in it, with marsmallows and whipping cream on top 19. Dressing the dogs for Christmas pictures 20. Wrapping all the presents 21. Driving around and looking at all the Christmas lights on the houses and Decorations in the yard 22. Peppermint Bark 23. Snow Skiing 24. Peppermint is my favorite flavor during the Christmas season 25. Snowball fights
digi kits used: Raspberry Roads Designs: Naughty or Nice (frame, snow) Holiday Sugar Cookies Designers: Robin Pali (Pink paper) RebeccaPSP (striped paper) Designs by Tina (presents and holly) Shannon Jackson (snowman) Pixel Pisces (tag)

04 December, 2009

December 4th JYC

Todays prompt is to tell about your perfect Christmas. The picture on the top is of my Uncle his Grandson Cody and Great Grandson Kaleb.
The middle pic is of me and my sister in-law Crissy, the last pic is of my Aunt and my Mom. The Journaling says " Spending time with family and friends. Taking lots of pictures, eating lots of delicious Christmas goodies, reminiscing about Christmases past and hearing laughter. I just love the holidya season the hustle and bustle of shopping, carolers, wrapping and unwrapping of gifts, picking that perfect present and the snow.
digi kits used: Holiday Sugar Cookies designer Robyn Pali (paper) Pixel Pisces (tag), Naughty or Nice designer Raspberry Roads (snow, frame)

December 3 JYC

I have skiped todays journal entry, It is all about your Christmas cards, and I have not made mine yet so will post lo when I get them ready!

journal your Christmas dec 2nd

Todays prompt was to tell about what we want for Christmas. Here is December 2nd journal entry. I am doing my journal all digital so I can make it into a hardcover book. Here is what the journaling says " Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Sonw. . . All i rally want for Christmas is Snow! I love the Crispness of the air, the snow falling gently to the ground, building the first snowman of the season, playing with my kids outside (Jazzine, Bailee, Maggie, Rajah) and being snowed in and reading a good book and sipping on hot chocolate with a candycane inside it with mini marshmallows. That is all I want for Christmas.
Digi Kits used: Raspberry Roads Designs: Naughty or Nice (frame), Designs by Tina: Holiday Sugar Cookies (paper), SweetTomato Designs: Holiday Sugar Cookies (journal paper) and Pixel Pisces Designs: Holiday Sugar Cookies (tag)

Christmas Journal 2009

Hi, It has been forever since I posted last, but I am back and my first post is to announce I am taking a class called "Journal Your Christmas" by Shimelle over at 2peas and I am to journal my Christmas season. We get prompts every day of what we can journal about or we can do our own thing. I am going to stick to the prompts.

Here is my first journal entry for December 1st, It is about why I am creating the journal.
Here Is what my journaling says "Starting Today December first (ok its really the 3rd) I am going to keep a Christmas journal. In this journal I will write something in it every day to reflect on the Holidays of Christmas pasts, enjoy the holiday of the present. I want to capture my favorite family traditions and memories of the Christmas season.
The digi kits I used are: by Raspberry Roads Designs: Naughty or Nice kit (Tree, sprinkles, Snowman, Star) byPixel Gypsy Designs: Holiday Sugar Cookies (paper) and By Pixel Pisces Design: Holiday Sugar Cookies (tag)