07 December, 2010

JYC 7 Making lists getting Organized

Making lists and getting organized is not how I work. I make lists, and loose them right away. SO mental check lists are always good. here is the start of my Christmas lists. When I get the item I will fill it in. I am a procrastinator so the shopping will be done usually the day before Christmas Eve. As well as the wrapping
1. Mom - Nook bought ( yes, she had it already so I will buy her more books from me and Santa!)
2. Dad- Cologne ( yes he has it already, so will get him something else from me and Santa)
3. Todd- wii game and shirt
4. Tye- wii game and shirt
5. Crissy - Sweeter and Starbucks GC, coat
6 Cory- Sweeter and Starbucks GC, coat
7. Octavia - Sweeter and Bath & Bodyworks GC, pajamas
8. Nathan- Wii game
9. Isaac- Wii game most likely a combined game for the boys.
10. Mutt-
11. Jenner- Season 6 of House, and season 4 of Dexter
12. Cody- Shirts and a GC for applebees
13. Aunty Rain- Karen scott sweeter

Lets not forget I am making Christmas cards to send out as well, I am shooting for 30 hand made cards this year. I also have one more SU order I would like to put in before the new year!

JYC - 6 Tales of 2 Christmas

This is one of my favorite prompts! Tales of Christmas past and Christmas present.
Christmas Past: The Christmas tradition I miss the most is going to Grandma Engstom's house for Christmas Eve. All of moms brothers ( Laverne and Clarence) and sisters (Delores, Lorraine, Myrna) would gather with there family's ( about 23-30 of us)to celebrate Christmas Eve. Grandma would make the most Delicious
sour cream cookies and the dinner was always tons of great food! Yumm! The house was not to big, 2 bedrooms, a living room, bathroom, and kitchen. A covered mud room with a drinking fountain ( we used to drink from the fountain all the time.) So we all crammed into the living room to eat dinner and open presents. Uncle Clarence would have all the kids pick a number and they got to pick the present that matched their number, the presents were always great and then the adults would draw numbers and pick out there presents. Then we would open the presents from everyone else. It was always happy boisterous and fun!
Christmas Present: Our Christmas's now are much more quieter only mom and her sister Lorraine share The holidays with their families ( around 13-18 of us). We go to Marilyn's house which is plenty big for all of us. The food is still amazing! We get more quality time with the people we love. It is more about family and not so much about the gifts. Yes we still exchange gifts with everyone. So lots of pictures are taken by me to keep the memories alive for everyone. Both Christmases are wonderful in there own way.

04 December, 2010


Today's prompt is all about Christmas dreams! My Christmas Dream is simple: To have lots of snow, yes I want a white Christmas just like the ones we used to have when I was a growing up. I also want my Christmas cards sent out timely, my shopping to be done and prettily wrapped under the tree, the real tree to be up and decorated as well as the house decorated, the cats to not sleep in the tree just because they can, and everyone to enjoy this holiday season because it is my FAVORITE time of year! I love all the hustle and bustle, the decorating, baking, the smells, the carolers and of course building the best snowman and angels in the snow.

My reality is Our family gets together at
Christmas and we all really enjoy each others company the food is always way to much and totally amazing, my Christmas cards will be sent out a couple days before or after Christmas possibly, the tree might not get put up, the house will get decorated soon?, the cats will sleep in the decorations since they do not have a tree to sleep in, the presents will get wrapped nicely the day before Christmas eve because that's when most of the shopping will be done, and we may or may not get snow. I love my Christmas reality and my dreams could come magically true!


Today day 3 of December ( actually writing this on the 4th. oops) The prompt is all about cards! Ahh Christmas card.... I used to have them out timely and send lots of them as the years go bye less and less cards get sent. This year I my goal is to send out 30 hand made Christmas cards. I will start making them on monday the 6th of December, all I need is to design them, sign them, write an message in them and put the address on the envelops put stamps on them, and mail them off by Christmas! Isn't it sad we do not have even One Christmas card yet! Well we have the ones from last year out. I will have to admit I love getting cards in the mail any type! So let the card creativeness begin!

02 December, 2010

JYC 2 - The weather

Prompt for day 2 - We discuss the weather on the 2nd of December. Well today is not a normal December 2nd. It is cold about 45 degrees out and we have sun and no wind. We have been having high winds lately. Our first snow came on Monday November 22nd and lasted about 3 days. The freeway (I5) was shut down because of all the snow and ice. Even though the road was sanded and salted the snow froze over it and was one big skating rink. On a normal day Dad can get home in little over an hour on this day it took little over 7 1/2 hours. I am hopeful that we will get more snow and I want it for a snowy Christmas.

01 December, 2010


Hi, I have been a bad blogger so to kick off me blogging again I have decide to take a class online called Journal Your Christmas. I get prompts/suggestions about what to write about each day, my goal is to write something on my blog everyday. So the prompt for day 1 is all about making a Christmas manifesto - making a promise to yourself to enjoy this project and relish the holiday season.

I was going to do a digital scrapbook or album this year but know I will never have the time right now to complete it sooo It will all be about me blogging my Christmas with pictures and stories. I am really excited and am now done with day one! go me!! ;)