16 December, 2011

Christmas Morphing...

 Christmas in our family has changed and seems to morph a little each year. When Grandma Engstrom was alive the entire family would go to her house for Christmas Eve. Once she passed, all the Aunt & Uncles would take turns having Christmas Eve at their houses. Now it is either at Aunty Rains, Marilyn's, or Todd and Crissy's. This year Christmas Eve is at Marilyn's and Christmas day is at Cory & Brandon's. Change is good, we spend the holidays with the ones we love the most.

11 December, 2011


Wrapping of gifts (that I still need to buy) is always fun. Until you get to mom's wrapping at the last minute, stressed out, but not this year I have from the 22nd to the 25th off so presents will get wrapped, put under the tree with time to spare. Yeah for being able to change my work schedule around and get Christmas eve off. I love the bows and have made all the Christmas tags with Katie's help so  Bring non the wrapping.


One of my favorite traditions is Baking with the family. Today at Todd & Crissy's we gathered to start the Christmas baking. Mom and Dad, Tye, Katie, and Me were all there to eat and bake and eat some more. We are going back next Saturday to finish the baking and this time Jerilyn is going to join the festivities. We have so much fun baking together, lots of flour and powder suger flying in the air. Lot's of tasting of the good Scandinavian baked goodies. We bake Spritz, Lefsa, no bake cookies, home made crackers, rosettes, Krumkaka, fattigman, and snickerdoodles. Yummy

T'is the season...

To be jolly fa la la la la... with Holiday lights and Christmas decor all though the neighborhoods That I love to explore. As for our house the mantel and living room are all festive with lights and holiday decor. Now on to the tree that will go up this week when we find it. I love to decorate the tree, yes I like putting on the lights and tinsel and the ornaments. It just makes it feel like Christmas even if we get no snow.

Another List...

Yep its that time of year again when lists are being prepared and lost and then re-done, at least that's how I work. So far this year there has been no list for me I think it is still tooo early. OK only 13 days until Christmas Eve and yet there is no written list, maybe by the end of the week I will write one. I am not inspired to this year, I know what I am giving almost everyone I think. My goal is to get my Christmas cards out first and then lists will follow. Maybe.. : )


As I was making my Calender this year I came upon a picture I had forgotten all about, It made my eyes a little misty. It was of my Grandma Engstrom sitting on a couch napping with a big smile on her face. It was at a family gathering most likely Christmas or Thanksgiving at my Aunty Rain and Uncle Wilmer's house in Lynwood. She looked so peaceful and happy, I think we had finished eating and were just relaxing. I miss the holidays with her, she was a wonderful woman and great cook. (If you know me you know my best memories  come from food.) I am glad I found the picture of a Christmas almost forgotten.

The Countdown Begins

The Christmas season is once again here. Work is crazy with shoppers bustling with their bags of presents and little patients. Christmas is a time of giving and kindness, unless you are working in retail. Early mornings and late nights, frenzy shoppers looking for just that perfect gift, that will no doubt be brought back to the store in January by the receiver of the "I can't believe they thought I would like that" gift and the poor sales associate who has to tell them no cash back, so sorry. The moral of this story PLEASE be kind to your sales associates most of them are only holiday help with little knowledge of what you are going to be needing. Smile and say Hi back, it won't kill ya. lol
  So.. the count down to crazyness begins, be patient not much longer!

04 December, 2011

Christmas Perfection...

 Is a white Christmas and not having to work Christmas Eve so I can spend the whole day with my family. I love putting up the tree, decorating the house, baking all the holiday goodies, making Christmas cards Driving around and looking at all the houses decorated for this amazing time of year.

03 December, 2011

Christmas Cards

 Yes, today is the day to make my 20 Christmas cards, I now have the design in my head and they are looking fantastic! All I need to do is get everything ready so I can go get creative.
1. Warm up the craft room so I will not freeze in there.
2. Take mom shopping so she will leave me in peace.
3. Drop mom over at Tye's new place so she can help him with unpacking.

02 December, 2011

The weather outside is..

little falling wet drips at a fairly fast pace, off and on all day. While the mountains are gaining fresh powdery soft white goodness. The weather forecast for the next few days  are sunny with possibility of rain! haha I live in Washington state that is always a possibility. So today I am off to creative land and wrapping the gifts I already have and maybe a walk with my dogs.

01 December, 2011

My Journaling Journey begins

 Good Afternoon, 
   Wow can you believe only 24 more days until Christmas. So this is how my December begins with 3 days off of work to get the house all decorated, journaling all done and taking mom Christmas shopping so she can finish it all up.
   I absolutely LOVE this time of year, I know I say that every year but it is so true. I love the bustle of the shoppers, building snowmen, eggnog, all the decorating and everything to do with family. I am also going to make some Christmas cards  and send them out!
 Have a great day!  

26 November, 2011

    Yeah, I am going to be a good blogger and start making at least one post a week, not to hard right! I will have to admit I missed not blogging this past year.
     I am also doing the 25 days of Christmas which I will try to blog and scrapbook I am doing it with paper and digi, so maybe not to much done with blogging we will see.

  Happy Holidays!