31 December, 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! I hope everyone has a very happy New Year. I am spending it with family and we are haveing a great time snacking and playing eiter the Wii or one of my brothers new games UNO Attack.

18 December, 2008

Vote for your Favorite Card!

In my blogger 3 group we have bi-monthly challenges I missed the first one and for the second one I made the snowman card. We need you to vote for your favorite card! The winner wins all the fabulous cards everyone made for the challenge! So please VOTE now!

This is a picture of Bailee and Maggie playing in the snow in the front yard! The pugs squish it down with there bellies to play in it, and they love the snow!

17 December, 2008

Here is a clear album for my cousin to put her dog pics in! The clear acrylic came in a 12x12 sheet so I cut it into 4 6x6 pieces ( one slide on the cutting blade and bend it it pulls apaprt really easy) added some paper and stickers. It is bound togeather by 2 rings that I am going to put doggie ribbons on. On the first page is hagning a couple Chipboard pieces one says puppy love and one is blank and I am going to put my cousins dog's name on it. YOu gotta love bling! This was the first one I did, I have done one more dog album for my mom, and 2 cat ones for friends and family. I need more acrylic 12x12 so I can make 2 more cat ones for christmas!

15 December, 2008

Blogger #3 Challenge #2

I am really excited with the way this turned out! The flap is the hat, there is black and white sparkle chalk all over the snowman! The inside says Merry Christmas!

14 December, 2008

Snow Days!

Yeah! it snowed last night! I absolutely looove the snow! Here are some pics from my backyard! All the dogs and even mom's cat went out with me to play!

07 December, 2008

SU Simply scrapin kits

I love all the stuff you can do with the simply scrapin kits from SU! here are 3 cards that I just whiped up last weekend, my sister-in-law made the same 3 cards plus 2 more! and I also used paper from this kit for my 25 days countdown.

25 days of Christmas

This is my 25 days till Christmas countdown calender. The paper, ribbon and rub ons are stampin' up, the pointsettas and stars are from my Secret Sis on scs! I am in a 24 days of Christmas swap, where you spend $30 on one person and get them 24 presents for them to open! It is alot of fun!

Something old, Something new, Something borrowed and Something blue Class!

I think this class was by Ck and this was my 3rd class. It was a great class the only thing I have a problem with is the kits are only for one side of the lo. I need 2 matching sides to my spreads, I am really really serious about that. I have tried to just let it go but can't! So now to figure out how to work the other sides. hmmm

Flip Flop Class!

WOW, what a fun class this was my 2nd class at CK Convention, I was not to excited to take this class, but it turned out sooo cute that I love it. It is also a Quick Quotes class. Their classes are so organized and they give everyone a prize! If you wear one of their shirts you get another prize. Yeah Quick Quotes! All i need to do is fill it with pictures and I am done.

Canvas a la cart Class!

This was a class by Quick Quotes that I took at the Creeting Keepsakes Convention in early November. I have decided how to put them togeather I am going to attatch hinges to them and make them a tri-fold table decoration. I need to scan in some of my dad and mom vintage pics of relatives to add to all the tags, to make it more interesting, but that wont be done until christmas break! I have always wanted to work with scrapbooking and canvas so this was alot of fun.

Canvas A La Cart Class!

06 December, 2008

Black Friday sales!

Wow did we shop til we droped. The morning started at 4am with standing out in the cold at Old Navy (for the free MP3 player that they load with their music). They only give out so many wristbands and we missed it by at least 12 crazier people than us, but we shopped anyway. Then off to the mall to Jc Pennys, Macys, Nordstrom, and every other store with the word SALE! The rule for the day was only sale items could be bought, I am quite proud to say that was all we purchesd. By Noon we were starving and went for a great lunch at Penara Bread, Yummy. Then moe shopping.......Target....Kohls......Fred Meyer.... Than at around 6pm it was time for the discount mall that we skipped ( we decided to sleep instead of going there first) so after going through all the stores there it was 11:30pm. Yep I agree that is way out of control. Next year we are going to start at the outlet mall, in there contract they have to have an early special of 30% off of everything. So the stores that had 40% already had to have an additional 30% on top of that so wow what a great savings...... Can't wait for next year!

In total I think we hit over 100 stores in 1 day.