28 May, 2010

Almost Artesian award day 2

This is a 3pc outfit. The jacket is from the dollar store the jeans are from a thrift store and the onsies are from a chain store. I tie died the onsie with re inkers, and ironed on the big shot flowers border to the onsie, jacket, and jeans. It was really easy and I think it turned out really cute! To tie die the onsie all you do is put water and drops of re-inkers into a shallow baking dish. (I used rubberbands to make my circles) Put onsie in until you get the color you want. I then rung it out and put it in the dryer, once dried I undid the rubberbands and voila, finished. To set the die put 1 cup vinegar in the wash with your onsie after it is the color you want it.