01 November, 2008

Bathtub issues? UGH!

Ok, this is for all who loves to soak in the bathtub. Have you ever been without a bathtub? My tub has been really dripping/drizzling out of the faucet handle so I was unable to take a bath, because it might start running more! Well It has been a whole week (that is a looong time). I Think it makes it worse that I could not use it and it was just sitting there waiting for me. Of course I took a shower and then checked the mail for the tub part (we had to have it special orderd and I thought it would take 2 weeks to get). But of course, It came in the mail today. So after my happy dance that the part came in, I realized I had to call my brother Tye to come over and put the part in, so Thank You Tye, he came over and put the new part in and Voila it works and no drips! Yeah for bathtubs!