06 December, 2008

Black Friday sales!

Wow did we shop til we droped. The morning started at 4am with standing out in the cold at Old Navy (for the free MP3 player that they load with their music). They only give out so many wristbands and we missed it by at least 12 crazier people than us, but we shopped anyway. Then off to the mall to Jc Pennys, Macys, Nordstrom, and every other store with the word SALE! The rule for the day was only sale items could be bought, I am quite proud to say that was all we purchesd. By Noon we were starving and went for a great lunch at Penara Bread, Yummy. Then moe shopping.......Target....Kohls......Fred Meyer.... Than at around 6pm it was time for the discount mall that we skipped ( we decided to sleep instead of going there first) so after going through all the stores there it was 11:30pm. Yep I agree that is way out of control. Next year we are going to start at the outlet mall, in there contract they have to have an early special of 30% off of everything. So the stores that had 40% already had to have an additional 30% on top of that so wow what a great savings...... Can't wait for next year!

In total I think we hit over 100 stores in 1 day.