24 April, 2009

Kids do the darndest things!

Let me start my story by saying that I work at a daycare. I took one of the boys (2yrs old) to the bathroom and went to catch the phone. ( he was supposed to take off his pants and pullup) I grabbed the phone and as I was answering it was on my way back to the bathroom...well of course the call was a hangup so I look in the bathroom and the little boy had the small toilet seat that the girls use on his head pointing to it saying "Queen" with the biggest smile on his face. Q qwa Queen is one of the phonics flash cards that we do every day. He was so proud of himself for knowing Q is Queen. If I was not grossed out about the toilet seat on his head I would have snapped a picture. It was soooo hard not to roflmbo. I did reassure him that Q is Queen but we do not put toilet seats on our head. Kids are to funny!