07 December, 2010

JYC 7 Making lists getting Organized

Making lists and getting organized is not how I work. I make lists, and loose them right away. SO mental check lists are always good. here is the start of my Christmas lists. When I get the item I will fill it in. I am a procrastinator so the shopping will be done usually the day before Christmas Eve. As well as the wrapping
1. Mom - Nook bought ( yes, she had it already so I will buy her more books from me and Santa!)
2. Dad- Cologne ( yes he has it already, so will get him something else from me and Santa)
3. Todd- wii game and shirt
4. Tye- wii game and shirt
5. Crissy - Sweeter and Starbucks GC, coat
6 Cory- Sweeter and Starbucks GC, coat
7. Octavia - Sweeter and Bath & Bodyworks GC, pajamas
8. Nathan- Wii game
9. Isaac- Wii game most likely a combined game for the boys.
10. Mutt-
11. Jenner- Season 6 of House, and season 4 of Dexter
12. Cody- Shirts and a GC for applebees
13. Aunty Rain- Karen scott sweeter

Lets not forget I am making Christmas cards to send out as well, I am shooting for 30 hand made cards this year. I also have one more SU order I would like to put in before the new year!

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