16 February, 2015


     I can not believe it has been so long since I have blogged! I am such a slacker in this area, one of my few new years resolutions are to blog more and make more time for friends and family.
     I always see family at events (birthdays, holidays) but to actually make plans to meet up with them is alot harder to do with all that everyone is doing these days and work schedules. (see an excuse already! lol) It is always easier to say lets meet up but to actually do it is a another thing.So I am going to be that person this year to reach out and say hi (yes actually pick up that phone and have a conversation and mail out cards to say hi and that you are an important part of my life.)
     This year I was able to go to Leadership for Stampin' UP! and the guest speaker, told a story about a letter he lost and how much it would mean to him if he still had it.(It was the last letter his Father wrote to him). It really made me think of how often I think of my friends, family but that is as far as it goes, always put it off, how easy it is to put off but to take action does not take much effort, a quick email, text, phone call, card just to say hi i love you, how are you? I am thinking of you! How the art of it slips away. 

     So my 1st 2015  New Years resolution is to reach out each month to my friends and family and make that connection! 2nd is to spend quality time with my animals take walks, just be there. and my 3rd is to be a better blogger and my 4th is to spend at least part of one day a week being creative in some way.
 Hope you do well with your resolutions this new Year!

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